1967 born in Simmern/Hunsrück



1998-2003 Studied Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences Hanover by Sigrun Jakubaschke and Ulrich Baehr (Degree)
2007-2008 In-service training for art teacher at the Cologne Institute for Cultural Work and Training
Seit 2004 Freelance artist and art educator
2009-2012 Teaching in art in general education schools

Solo Exhibitions

2001 ART INSTALLATION - University of Applied Sciences, Hanover
2005 COLOUR BLUE - Frauentreffpunkt, Hanover
2006 DANCE - Diakoniekrankenhaus Friederikenstift, Hanover
2006-2007 DANCE - Tax Office Schindler & Marwedel, Hanover
2013 CLOSE TO LIFE - Doctor-Praxis, Hanover

Group Exhibitions

2001 CORK - City Hall, Burgwedel
2005 DRAWINGS - Art at the Train Station, e.V., Springe


2007 DANCE PERFORMANCE for the work: 2/GEZEIGT (2007)
Acrylic on canvas (250 x 130 cm) WORK OF ART – Center for Contemporary Dance, Music and Performance, Hanover


Other Events

2008 OPEN STUDIO, HELMKESTRASSE, NOSTRA TERRA - Events of the Cultural Summer, Hainholz
2009-2010 ATELIERSPAZIERGANG (STUDIO STROLL) - Region Hanover Event
Seit 2010 ZINNOBER - Event the City of Hanover